Creating Works of Art to Honor the Lives of Loved Ones



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Fine Art


Signed and Numbered

Every urn created is unique – different in size, shape, color and character. There are no molds, no programmed cutting machines, no mass productions; each piece is cut by hand, turned by hand and finished by hand. In fact, each urn is given its own unique serial number and signed by the artist who created it. No two are alike.

Made by Hand

Everything we create comes from the heart, the eye and the hand. Each urn affirms the human element. Turning is like a dance . . . You have to work with your partner, you have to love the material. This collaboration with the wood grants new life to the material.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Handmade in the USA

Artistic Urns proudly makes 100% of their urns in America, using only materials sourced in America. Not only Made in the USA, but Hand Made in the USA. There are not too many other urn makers who make that claim!

Turning Green

Reclaiming every chip, Artistic Urns sources its wood from local arborists. Normally destined for the chipper or landfill, “rescued” instead and transformed into works of art. Shavings are used by local gardeners for mulch, and other scrap wood is used to heat the studio.

Wood Threaded Top

Every Artistic Urn is securely closed with a threaded top. There is no glue required to keep it closed, and no worrying about the top falling off. Many urns today have a simple “cookie jar” top that do not close securely.


Popular for families to share with the kids and grandchildren, this miniature keepsake can be personalized with optional engraving. Engraving may delay shipment by one or more days.