Acorn Keepsake

The urn that doesn’t look like an urn, the Acorn Keepsake is a popular and unique way to memorialize a loved one.

Popular for families to share with the kids and grandchildren, this miniature keepsake can be personalized with optional engraving.

The Acorn Keepsake is a unique way to memorialize a loved one. Used to store a small portion of remains or small items to remember one by, it may also be displayed simply as a memorial providing a subtle reminder every time you see it.

All done by hand and made in America, the Acorn is turned, waxed and buffed to a warm finish. Like all of Artistic Urns products, it is securely closed with a threaded top. Each Acorn includes a display stand.

When Ordinary Won’t Do!

$90.00 Each

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Engraving for this item is available from the Shopping Cart.