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Serial Number:7172260 Style:Signature Series Wood:Pecan Top:Ebonized Oak

Capacity: 260 cu. in.    Height: 11.0"   Width: 7.75"


Serial Number:
Signature Series
Ebonized Oak

Capacity: 260 cu. in.
Height: 11.0"   Width: 7.75"


This piece is a Signature Series, Artistic Urns’ original urn. Born from a single piece of wood, this started as a 40 pound block of green wood and has been transformed into a 2 pound Work of Art.

The Signature Series features all of Artistic Urns “signature” trademarks

  • SIGNED by the Artist
  • Assigned a SERIAL NUMBER
  • Secured with a THREADED TOP.

This piece also includes Artistic Urns exclusive RELIQUARY keepsake chamber.

The original Signature Series, for When Ordinary Won’t Do!

This piece is made from Pecan wood. A type of Hickory, the Pecan tree bears fruit. Survived over 50 million years, it is one of America’s first hardwoods. The Pecan is valued for the nut as a food and the wood for it hardness and strength as well as its use for smoking meat. It is the official state tree of Texas. Its sapwood is yellow-brown and the heartwood is light to medium brown with a reddish hue.