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Thumbead Finial Top Style: Custom Thumbead Top. Wood:Flange Matching Wood & Finish


Thumbead Finial Top
Custom Thumbead Top.
Flange Matching Wood & Finish


Artistic Urns has a long standing relationship with Meadow Hill Corporation, the maker of Thumbies, the original and official fingerprint keepsake jewelry. We are proud to be able to offer the .925 sterling silver Thumbead as a unique addition into our product line.

The three dimensional Thumbeads are crafted from fingerprints using the time-honored process of lost wax casting. The finished pieces are ever so touchable, making real memories. These charms transform the top into the crown jewel for any hand made Artistic Urn.

This elegant option is available through a coordinated process between the family, the funeral director, Meadow Hill Corporation and Artistic Urns. The print must be sent directly to Meadow Hill. They will process the order, create the charm and invoice you direct for that portion of this item. The charm will then be sent to Artistic Urns where it is inset into the urn top and shipped to you. There is approximately a five week lead time to receive the urn with a Thumbead top. Artistic Urns will invoice the urn.

If you like an urn but prefer it with this top, choose this item with the urn. See the NOTE below for a credit in the amount of a standard top cost when swapping with this top.

The wood and finish used for this top will be the same as the original top it replaces. Some exceptions will apply with urns fitted with custom tops. If you have a specific request or question, please contact us and we will be happy to try and accommodate your request.

NOTE: The price showing on this top does not reflect credit for removing the original top.

If you wish to INTERCHANGE an urn’s top with this top rather than adding this as a second top, add the SWAP TOP CREDIT to the shopping cart after placing this in the shopping cart. Thank you!