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Serial Number:9841050 Style:Fine Art. Wood:Indian Rosewood Top:Ebonized Walnut

Capacity: 50 cu. in.    Height: 9.5"   Width: 5.0"


Serial Number:
Fine Art.
Indian Rosewood
Ebonized Walnut

Capacity: 50 cu. in.
Height: 9.5"   Width: 5.0"


This urn is truly one-of-a-kind and is an Artistic Urns Fine Art piece. Pushing the imagination, this work of art might be discovered from a local art gallery. For the most discriminating tastes, this will brighten the decor and be the conversation in any surrounding. This is The Urn That Does Not Look Like An Urn.

A keepsake urn is any piece that measures less than full size in terms of internal capacity. Popular if the wishes are to scatter a portion and keep the rest, or when dividing the remains among different family members. Many families obtain a keepsake as a memorial for the home to remember their loved one after the remains have been interred or scattered.

The Fine Art pieces feature all of Artistic Urns trademarks

  • SIGNED by the Artist
  • Assigned a SERIAL NUMBER
  • Secured with a THREADED TOP.

The Fine Art line from Artistic Urns, for When Ordinary Won’t Do!

This Rosewood is from Florida, and more specifically grew in the Miami area. It was sourced from a good friend of Artistic Urns who is a famous wood turner residing in the Tampa bay area.

The contrast between the heartwood and sapwood is always dramatic, but with this piece it differs not only in color but in shape. The sapwood sanded away quicker making it the contour of this urn very unique. Clark McMullen