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Serial Number:0406225 Style:Kite Tail Wood:American Black Walnut with Ruby Jeweled Wood Bow Tie Inlays Top:Cherry

Capacity: 225 cu. in.    Height: 12.25"   Width: 7.25"


Serial Number:
Kite Tail
American Black Walnut with Ruby Jeweled Wood Bow Tie Inlays

Capacity: 225 cu. in.
Height: 12.25"   Width: 7.25"


This is a Kite Tail urn, using an ancient Polynesian method of inlayed “Pewas” (today known as bow ties) where nature’s imperfections occur in the form of checking. Clark McMullen’s wife, Sherri, noted that the chain of bow ties looks like a kite tail. Like a kite tail stabilizing flight, our kite tail has stabilized the urn to be preserved forever.

Like a kite’s rising flight, the Kite Tail urns reminds us of the old gospel hymn “I’ll Fly Away”.

       Some bright morning when this life is over
       I'll fly away
       To a home on God's celestial shore
       I'll fly away

       I'll fly away, oh glory
       I'll fly away in the morning
       When I die, Hallelujah by and by
       I'll fly away

The Kite Tail features all of Artistic Urns trademarks

  • SIGNED by the Artist
  • Assigned a SERIAL NUMBER
  • Secured with a THREADED TOP.

The Kite Tail for When Ordinary Won’t Do!

This piece is made from American Black Walnut. The Walnut is prized for its nuts and attractive hardwood. Found throughout the world, it has long been recognized as a valued resource. The Ancient Greeks symbolized it with fertility and strewn walnuts at weddings. In contrast, Romans put one walnut with a bride’s wedding dress for each year she wished to wait for children. The American Black Walnut grows throughout the Eastern and Central United States. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown and with a rich patina that grows more luxurious with age.