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Serial Number:ASF-P-H-055 Style:Artisan Series Heritage Design Wood:Southern Yellow Pine Top:Pine

Capacity: 230 cu. in.    Height: 10.5"   Width: 7.5"


Serial Number:
Artisan Series Heritage Design
Southern Yellow Pine

Capacity: 230 cu. in.
Height: 10.5"   Width: 7.5"


This piece is part of Artistic Urns Artisan Series. Handcrafted with the skill and methods used by centuries of wood turners, this is the Heritage design. Born from a solid piece of wood and made with care and passion. Secured with a threaded top, this urn has been cut, turned and finished by hand in our studio nestled in the foothills of the southern Appalachians.

In an age of automation and mass production, the Artisan Series stands out as a one-at-a-time, one-of-a-kind product.

This urn is made from Southern Yellow Pine. This class of pine is considered a hard pine and is harder than white pine. It grows throughout the Atlantic Coastal Plain, often in commercial stands, from Maryland through the Carolinas and Georgia into Florida, and westward to East Texas. It is used extensively in home construction as framing lumber and plywood, and is also used in the construction of wooden roller coasters. The wood color is a warm pale yellow with brown knots and the grain has a distinctive light and dark grain pattern.